About HoruzMarkets

“We perceive the whispers of your heart, cherish your path to glory, and shield your sacred endeavors: Place your faith in our unwavering pledge.”

Our Mission

In the spirit of the ancient guardians, we commit to adorning traders of every sacred tier with the essential scepters, scrolls, and guiding hands needed to prosper amidst the financial sands. Steered by the timeless pillars of clear visions, ceaseless innovation, and devotion to our patrons, we lay forth a trading realm both fortified and divine.environment. Our zeal is in furnishing an unparalleled trading experience for our clients, upheld by an organizational culture rooted in honesty and forthrightness. Our mission is to facilitate our clients in realizing their financial objectives and ascending to proficient trading through our steadfast commitment to delivering the optimal trading experience.

Our Core Values

We’re proud to uphold the following core values in everything we do


Just as the Nile’s waters are clear and vital to Egypt, transparency in Forex means being open about our dealings. It's like showing every grain of sand in the desert – you see all our transactions and operations without any hidden surprises.


Think of it as the modern pyramids of the Forex world. Like the ancient Egyptians who were pioneers in architecture, we continuously seek new ways to enhance and simplify the trading experience. It's about crafting the future while honoring our past.


Just as the Sphinx has stood the test of time, maintaining its grandeur and mystery, our integrity in Forex ensures that we're always true to our word, keeping the trust and respect of our traders.


The ancient Library of Alexandria was a beacon of knowledge in the ancient world. Similarly, we believe in empowering our traders with the knowledge they need. Through continuous learning, traders can navigate the Forex market as skillfully as a felucca sails the Nile.


As the colossal temples of Luxor weren’t built by a single hand, success in the Forex market is a collective effort. By working together, sharing insights, and supporting one another, we achieve greater success, just as the ancient Egyptians did when constructing their magnificent monuments.

Client Focus

Our traders are as precious to us as the treasures of Tutankhamun's tomb. Every decision we make, every innovation we introduce, is with the goal of enhancing their trading journey, much like a Pharaoh who always prioritized the welfare of his people.

Safety Of Funds

The sanctity of our patron’s treasures is revered as the sacred relics of the temples. We invoke the most potent protective spells and timeless security rites to shield our clients’ golden assets and their whispered secrets. In our unyielding commitment to trustworthiness, we uphold the ancient tradition of separating the wealth of the realm from the offerings of our patrons, solidifying the honor and fortification of our devotees’ investments.

Aggregated Liquidity Pool

In the grand assembly of the gods, over 20 givers of liquidity, from the mighty banks to the agile non-banks, and our sacred internal ECN trading nexus, empower thee to harness the profound depths of liquidity throughout our myriad asset offerings. Our Prime of Prime liquidity, akin to the treasures of the Nile, bestows upon you the most favorable of commissions and the thinnest of spreads.

Horuz Benefits

Account Segregation

“At HoruzMarkets, safeguarding our clients’ funds is of utmost importance. That’s why we practice account segregation, a measure that ensures clients’ funds are kept in separate accounts from the company’s operational funds. This is not just best practice; it’s a commitment to transparency and integrity. Account segregation minimizes the risk of misuse of client money and enhances financial security, offering an additional layer of protection against unforeseen financial downturns or organizational risks. This approach reinforces the trust our clients place in us, knowing that their funds are secure and managed with the highest level of care. It’s one of the key reasons why HoruzMarkets continues to be a leader in financial trustworthiness and reliability.”

No Dealing Desk

“At HoruzMarkets, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where traders can focus solely on their trading strategies, without worrying about the integrity of their transactions. Unlike some other brokers, we operate on a No Dealing Desk model. This means there is no team at HoruzMarkets that monitors your account to implement slippage, delay orders, or enter positions without your knowledge. We also ensure that there are no hidden spreads.

Because we don’t operate a dealing desk, we’re able to offer some of the fastest trade executions in the market without requotes. This translates into real advantages for our clients—you can execute your trades more efficiently and maximize your profit potential. It’s all part of our commitment to provide a trustworthy, transparent, and high-performance trading environment for every client.”


“At HoruzMarkets, our commitment to transparency and integrity doesn’t end with just providing optimal trading conditions; it extends to rigorous financial scrutiny as well. To maintain the highest level of accountability, all funds received by HoruzMarkets are subjected to annual audits by multiple independent auditors. This practice ensures that every dollar is accounted for and is being used appropriately. These audits not only offer an added layer of financial security for our clients but also serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to conducting our business ethically and responsibly. By taking these measures, we aim to fortify the trust and confidence our clients have in HoruzMarkets.”

Partnerships With Top Tiers LP

“At HoruzMarkets, providing our clients with the best trading conditions is a priority. To achieve this, we aggregate our liquidity price pool from multiple top-tier liquidity providers. This practice allows us to offer tighter spreads, leading to reduced trading costs for our clients. Additionally, liquidity aggregation mitigates issues related to latency and slippage, ensuring faster execution and more accurate pricing. By focusing on these aspects, we not only improve the trading experience but also foster a more reliable and efficient trading environment. It’s yet another way HoruzMarkets is committed to exceeding client expectations and maintaining a high level of trust.”

Modern Encryption Technology

“At HoruzMarkets, the security of your account is a top priority for us. In an era where cybersecurity concerns are ever-growing, we have implemented advanced features to keep your account safe and give you complete control over it. One such feature is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via Google Authenticator. With 2FA, you add an extra layer of security that prevents unauthorized access to your account, ensuring that nobody can make withdrawals, open positions, or change your password without your explicit approval.

By activating 2FA, you not only secure your account but also take full control of your trading environment. This security measure aligns perfectly with our broader commitment to transparency, integrity, and trust. We strongly recommend all clients to activate 2FA to benefit from enhanced account security.

Rest assured, with HoruzMarkets, you’re not just investing in markets; you’re also investing in peace of mind.”

Transparent Trading Conditions And Information Policy

“Transparency is not just a buzzword at HoruzMarkets; it’s an integral part of how we operate. We understand the concerns traders may have about hidden policies or unclear trading conditions, which is why we make it a priority to be fully transparent in all aspects of our business. From spreads to fees to trading terms, all critical information is openly disclosed and easily accessible. Whether you’re browsing our website or using our trading application, you’ll find comprehensive details to guide your trading decisions.

Unlike some brokers who engage in less-than-transparent practices, HoruzMarkets is committed to a clear and straightforward approach. We make sure all policies and conditions are outlined explicitly, with no hidden clauses, so that you can trade with confidence. By adhering to this level of transparency, we aim to set ourselves apart as a trustworthy and reliable trading partner, further solidifying the strong relationship we share with our valued clients.”